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So, I woke up this morning to see that CM Punk has apparently left WWE. Obviously we’re all waiting around to see what’s what right now, but it seems like it’s most likely the truth. The first thing that came into my head was NO, HE CAN’T LEAVE. Punk has been one of the very few reasons I stayed (and came back) to WWE over the last few years, so the thought of him not being there ever again made me feel pretty damn awful.

Then I started to think about it more. And you know what, I honestly don’t blame the guy. WWE have no fucking clue what they’re doing as of late. The Royal Rumble proved that. I hadn’t watched the show in nearly 5 months when I came back for the RR, and even I could see what a shambles it was. Why are they not giving the fans what they want?

And then there’s the idiot creative team and whoever else decides on these ridicule storylines. "Oh, let’s bring back The Rock and have him face John Cena." "Oh, let’s bring back Batista and have him face Randy Orton." "Oh, let’s shove Randy Orton and John Cena down every fan’s throats until they can’t take any more". Well guess what, WWE, most of us CAN’T take any more. Do they not realise from the reaction when Batista won, that people were not happy with their decision?

But no, they’ll carry it on anyway because it’s all about making money. They won’t give us what we want. They won’t give us Daniel Bryan in the main event at WM because they don’t think it’ll pull in enough people. The same with Punk. Instead they give it to someone who has been back a week. Nice to know that their priorities lie with their loyal, hardworking wrestlers.

With that said, I really don’t blame Punk if he splits. If this was going to be his last WM, then he deserved to be in that main event, as would any wrestler who had given that much to the company. They might as well have stood in front of his face with a big ‘Fuck You’ sign when Kane eliminated him out of the Rumble.

So, if he goes, he goes. I’ll be disappointed as hell not seeing him on my TV every Monday night, but I believe he’s truly done the right thing for himself. And you know what would be even better? If they were chasing him down right now and offering him whatever the hell he wanted until his contract ends in July, because that’s what I’d do if I was in this position. But WWE have proved time and time again that they don’t understand what the fans want. Or maybe they do, and they just don’t give a fuck. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.